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Learn How To Use People's Time,Talent ,Money To Make Money At Home

Learn To Work Smart In Network Marketing

Are you financially free?

Are You Rich Dad or Poor Dad?
This tract is written with you in mind, even if your life has come to a financial roadblock. If you still want to take control of what you do today, in other to change your financial status, it will help you champion your course. This tract may tell you things you may have had a closed-mind about. But with a zero mind, learning attitude, the time you are going to spend now may be very rewarding. To be candid, this tract is for those who love change and will like to make a change once they are convinced. Needless telling you that the majority of mankind fear change and resist it with passion.
Are you unemployed? Don't Seek One!
When you were leaving school or about to leave school, the traditional advice has always been; go to school, get good grade, get a good job and earn big salary. Soon after entering the labour market, you realize that your life become a rat race, struggling to make ends meet. Is that your experience right now? Our educational system does not have enough to teach us about how to own our own businesses. It rather teaches us how to be good employees, working all through our life just to make our employers or the government wealthy, while we retire with poor financial reward.
Our parents, guardians, teachers, friends, spouse and our own desire to feel secured, contribute in pushing us to seek for employment as the best way to financial security. For financial security, then get a job. But don't forget; with the present trend in the economy - downsizing, merging, consolidation, job security is no longer what it used to be.
If you do not have a job, don't seek one. I must admit that during moments of deep financial doubt, the idea of a safe, secured job, with a paycheck will be very appealing. It is often said, "It takes money to make money". That is true when viewed from the angle of our cash and carry business". The business I will teach you, takes a dream, a determination, a willingness to learn and your readiness to contact people, to succeed.
Mind Your Own Business!
If you are already an employee, don't worry. Do not be cut up in the web of trying to save enough to start your own business. You may end up not getting there. (Mirage) Your paycheck cannot make you rich. Your boss cannot make you rich. You are still employed because the company exists. The economic changes currently happening are partly from the sales and merging of companies. If a company is sold, the owners get big bank accounts and the employees, who have always thought that job security is financial security, have to look for new jobs. When you are laid off, you are never financially well off than your first day at work. Most of you throughout our working period will be busy collecting paychecks, and paying bills. Your boss' job is not to make you rich, but to make sure you get your paychecks. If you work very hard for your boss, you will work hard forever and if you are not careful, you retire poor.
If you work, work to learn not to earn. The only difference between a rich man and a poor man is what they do at their spare time. What you do in your spare time can make you rich. But if you work hard in your spare time, minding your own business, the chances are that, you will find financial freedom. I will teach you how to do this business aggressively part time while working for someone. While you work, mind your own business. Only that, will teach you how to fire your boss before your boss fires you into poor retirement.
Build A Good Business System:
Are you already a self-employed business man? The good news is that you have time freedom and time freedom often goes with financial freedom. The bad news is that, your business exists, because the government regulation still allows it.
The self-employed often lack what we call a good business system. Here are the facts. We often hear people say; 'I can make a better meat pie than some international eateries. But they make more money than you, because they created a system that makes business flow.
Bill Gates of Microsoft Corporation did not build a great product. He bought somebody else' product and built a powerful global business system around it. The reality is that there are unlimited new ideas, millions of people with services or products to offer, and only a few who know how to build excellent business system, or have what it takes to build one, can make it. Without a system, there will be no guarantee of financial freedom. So how then do we get a business system without huge Capital? I will teach you how.
It is now easier to launch yourself into becoming a business owner because of technological advantages. You remembered that I said that without a system, there will be no guarantee of success. Let me show you an already built system you can buy into and become a part of an existing system. If you get a good mentor, that is, one that is successful at it, this system will provide you a steady stream of income without much physical effort on you, once it is set up and is running. The problem is making a decision to join, setting it up. You need a little knowledge of how the system works. You also need to get knowledge of people - your market.
This business will propel you to wealth if you will learn and be ready to recruit and bring in smart, hard working people together and work as a team. This business will help you:
  1. Have lots of time to raise your children.
  2. Become a job provider and a partner with the government.
  3. Travel the world with your family.
  4. Have money to donate to charity and to support projects.
  5. And most importantly, it gives you a guarantee of optimum health.
Let me tell you about one of such industries. Long time ago, the Americans introduced a system that allows ordinary people to build a sales network that could keep on producing income for them long after they have retired from the business. It is called the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or The Net-work Marketing Industry. Net-work Marketing presents an opportunity for us to own a business from an existing Business System. I have observed several friends become successful in this form of business. You will find as business associates, many people who are sincerely and diligently building successful business empires. You will marvel at the level of positive impact their businesses are having in people's lives and financial future. In fact, it is the powerful 21st century stream of income opportunity.
What is Net-Work Marketing?
Net work marketing is any method of marketing that allows independent sales people to recruit other sales people and get commissions from the monthly activities of their recruits. The parent company manufactures products and sets the machinery for the distribution of bonuses and other incentives through chains of independent distributors. Wouldn't you feel great if you are paid back a token by the management for speaking well of a meal and some of your friends acted on your recommendation? We make referrals, sometimes unwittingly. We do that daily without payment. In the MLM industry, you are paid for every recommendation made. MLM companies divert the advertisement budget to the distributors. In this business, when you talk you get paid and we know that word of mouth advert is the best form of advert and it is the most lucrative too.

I will advise you to invest or be part of this system and register with a company that has a proven system that works. Buy into a dependably, dynamic company. There are so many MLM companies. Some of them are fraud. Register with the company that is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Ask yourself these questions;
  1. Does their product work?
  2. Do they operate a working compensation plan that allows you with enough money monthly?
  3. Do they have a proven, successful system?
To these three questions I give a resounding YES to EDMARK INTERNATIONAL. Here are the facts.
  • The Products Work 

  • The Edmark Double Bonus Marketing Plan consists of both the Point Sharing System and the Block System. Thus, giving maximum benefits and returns. There are 9 great bonuses in the marketing plan:
    1. Retail Profit 15-25%
    2. Performance Bonus (Accumulative) 20%
    3. Manager Bonus 14%
    4. Achievement Bonus 3%
    5. Leadership Bonus 25% (Income potential from the 2nd level downwards is unlimited)
    6. Traveling Fund 2%7. Year-End Bonus 2%
    8. Car Fund 3%
    9. House Fund 2%
    All in all, the total pay out is 71%. This is one of the highest pay-outs in the industry today. In addition, there is a special free products redemption voucher. The qualifiers get free company products equivalent to the value of 10% of the sales volume.
    This is the path to financial freedom. Where your yearly income can become your monthly income.
    Reality Check
    Key Questions?
    1. Can I make good money?
    2. Can I do so quickly?
    3. Can I do so easily?
    4. Can I use a proven system?
    5. Can I find everyday people doing it?
    The Answer is YES! I CAN! YOU CAN! TOGETHER, WE CAN!
    It has been proven that our system really works as manifested in our countless achievers (LINK TO SUCCESS STORIES) who are now enjoying unparalleled income, travel perks, luxurious cars and houses of their own. So what are you waiting for? The choice is in your hands.

    How to get started as a Distributor?

    Dream List
    Ask yourself the purpose of you joining EDMARK and dream big.
    Name List
    Make a list of all the people around you, friends, relatives, associates, colleagues, schoolmates, etc.
    Invitations & Appointments
    Invite them and make appointments for them to attend meetings and Business Opportunity gatherings. You should show great enthusiasm in your invitation to create the excitement of sharing the EDMARK Business Opportunity. Use all your resources including text messaging to remind the invitees.
    Show The Plan
    Share the unique EDMARK (Double Bonus) Marketing Plan to the invitees. Ask your uplines to assist in explaining the opportunities.
    Be a 100% User of The Company’s Products
    Use all the EDMARK’s range of products. Once you’ve experienced it for yourself you will be able to RE-TELL it with greater conviction and enthusiasm.
    Use All the recommended books & Training Facilities:
    Read all the recommended books and training literature.
    Listen to the recommended tapes and VCD's
    Attend all functions, events and training seminars
    To Succeed, Make sure you contact me to show you all the steps and you will make Millions within the First Three Month because we have to build Your Edmarker Foundation in order To Succeed
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